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Sun May 22 17:38:09 UTC 2005


you should say that this is  100% compatible with MC and use MC as  
back end and storage.
So your work is really about:
     - better runtime when coding in MC (UI...Browser)
     - no hassle of *extension but they are saved in the file and the  
saved files can be loaded
     and browsed without your browser.
     - replacing PackageInfo by a real class
Keep working on that this is cool.

I have a question: what's happen if I browse a class extension with  
the old browser not package aware browser? I should play with your stuff

I want
     - package level comment!
     - hierarchy pane (as in VW ;))


> Hello,
> I have been working on a new package model for Squeak. The  
> implementation comes with a browser based on OmniBrowser. This last  
> version is quite usuable. I use it for all the squeak projects I  
> have. The webpage (containing a screenshot) is http:// 
> If you are interested in having a better package unit, or in  
> modularization issues, then you can contribute by giving me feedbacks.
> 1-Description
> A new package system coming with a new package browser intended to  
> substitute PackageInfo and the old package browser.
> Once loaded, execute "Package bootstrap". This is necessary to  
> built some packages from the classes present in the system.
> One does not need to rely on naming convention such as "*mypackage"  
> to define class extension for instance. Moreover, operation like  
> renaming can be performed.
> More info on:
> 2-What is new in the last version
> Some new features were added to version 28:
> -When a package is stored, the old monticello naming convensions  
> are used. This means that you can manage your application with the  
> MonticelloPackageBrowser without risking loosing track for people  
> who does not use this new browser.
> -Faster rendering, especially for the class extension.
> -Better menu arrangement.
> -Some bug are fixed (e.g., browsing metaclasses of extended  
> classes, ...)
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
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