Active FTP connection with Squeak?

Florian Minjat flo.minjat at
Mon May 23 14:21:10 UTC 2005

   I am using Squeak (3.7-5989) with Monticello (231).
   I tried to use Monticello with a MCFtpRepository, using my web 
server. I am behind a firewall (not mine, the school's firewall), so I 
need to use an active connection through a proxy to use ftp connection 
on internet.
   I managed to read without any problem on this repository, but I 
couldn't write on it. After looking through the errors, I understood 
that Monticello is using the FTPClient class to create the ftp 
connection. And FTPClient seems to use only passive ftp connection.
   So here is my question : is there a support for active ftp 
connection in Squeak?

Florian Minjat

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