pending mac VM 3.8.8b2

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Tue May 24 05:17:19 UTC 2005

It's been awhile since I posted a new Mac VM,  3.8.6b6 was the last one  
posted. Over the last few months VM builders have  migrated to 32/64bit  
logic,  changed from CVS to SVN, moved from sourceforge to other  
servers, and I've been busy with Tk4/Sophie.

However I'll shortly post 3.8.8b2 for OS-X and OS-9 (within 24 hours).
The change log follows, and I'd suggest people on os-9 or earlier  
confirm the VM works as expected, plus of course testing under OS-X

I will update my main work machine to os-x 10.4.1 in a few days and  
build a new VM with GCC 4.x and attempt to address any OS-X Tiger  
issues. (Of which the 60 frames per second, may be an issue?)

3.8.8b2			Revisions to the 32/64bit memory access to improve VM  
				sqMacJoystickAndTablet.c	More rewrites by Bert.
				sqPlatformSpecific.h		Add undefs for dispatchFunctionPointer,  
				sqMacUIAppleEvents.c		Fix issue with window title not showing long  
image name on drag & drop image
				sqMacMain.c				Fix issue with window title not showing long image  
name on image selection from dialog prompt.
				sqMacUnixCommandLineInterface.c	New, enable command line functions  
and environment variables.
			 		-help                 print this help message, then  
exit					-memory <size>[mk]    use fixed heap size (added to image  
size)					-pathenc <enc>        set encoding for pathnames (default:  
					or as environment variables

3.8.8b1			Not released to general public
				sqMacAsyncFilePrims.c		(void*) for ioLoadFunction
				sqMacDragDrop.c			(void*) for ioLoadFunction
				sqMacHostWindow.c		(void*) for ioLoadFunction
				sqMacJoystickAndTablet.c	minor changes
				sqMacSecurity.c			(void*) for ioLoadFunction
				sqUnixSoundMacOSXJMM.c	add static to var to avoid compiler warning
				sqMacExternalPrims.c		(void*) for various module interfacing
				sqMacWindows.c			(void*) for ioLoadFunction

3.8.7b7			Revised and altered os-x joystick support based on changes by  
				Move towards 32/64bit VM logic by using latest VM Maker
				sqMacExternalPrims.c		(void *) usage
				sqMacFileLogic.c			(void *) usage

3.8.7b6			Added Dominique Dutoit hitoro at changes for os-x  
joystick support.

3.8.7b5			Fix logic to allow you to start VM from command line, changed
				sqMacFileLogic.c makeHFSFromPosixPath added to convert posix cmd  
line path names to HFS
				sqMacMain.c	add logic to call cmd line parser
				sqMacUnixCommandLineInterface.c	new file logic to parse cmd line
				sqMacWindow.c		minor changes to correct compiler errors

3.8.7b4/b3		Limited release for testing

3.8.7b2			sqUIEvents.c changed keyUp/keyDown to supply mac virtual  
keycode versus unicode, added new parm to keyChar to supply UTF-32  
				As per Andreas request for Tweak.

3.8.7b1			sqUIEvents.c changed keyUp/keyDown logic to match Windows  
pattern, key repeat becomes keyDown/keyDown/keyUp

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