What is wrong with this? (Beginner question)

Joaquin Sitte j.sitte at qut.edu.au
Wed May 25 02:13:52 UTC 2005

In the course of implementing a Self-organising feature map (SOM) I needed
to initialise the weight vecorts of each of nodes in the map with random
numbers. I wrote the method randomWeights below for the class Som 

ArrayedCollection variableSubclass: #Som
	instanceVariableNames: 'width height'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'NeuralNets'

	"initialise the weights of the neurones to random vectors"
	"JS 5/24/2005 23:14 Caution: all rendome vectors are the same. Why?"
	|randomGenerator |
	randomGenerator _ Random new.
	self do: [ :each |  1 to: each size do:
		[:index | each at: index put: randomGenerator next]].

It turns out that the weight vectors of each of the nodes in the SOM are set
to the SAME random vector, when I expected them to be all DIFFERENT. What is
wrong with this nested iteration?

The following trial in a workspace 

map _ Som new: 30
map width:6 height:5 inputs: 4
count _1.
1 to: 30 do: [ :each | (map at: each) at: 1 put: count. Count _ count + 1]. 

sets the first weight of each of the 30 nodes to 30 !!!  I would expect them
to be set to 1, 2, ... 30.

Please help.




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