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Frank Shearar Frank.Shearar at
Wed May 25 07:57:28 UTC 2005

Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at> wrote:
> On 5/24/05, Joshua Gargus <schwa at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I was under the impression that WebDAV is the preferred network
> > substrate for Monticello, for the reason that you can 
> connect securely
> > via SSL.  However, searching the list archive turned up no 
> information
> > about Monticello over secure WebDAV.
> > 
> > Can WebDAV work over SSL? If so, does anything fancy need 
> to be done at
> > the client end?
> > 
> > Is WebDAV the preferred way to use Monticello, or am I confused?
> WebDAV is the preferred way (at least in that it's the way most people
> seem to use, although FTP also gets a fair amount of use).  But not
> because of SSL - the problem is that Squeak has no built in SSL
> support*, and so can't handle https: URLs directly.  The easiest way


> *At some point last year I looked over the Cryptography package on
> SqueakMap with Martin Kobicek, who wrote VW's native SSL library, and
> he said that most of what you'd need is there - so if someone's
> feeling ambitious...

Is there any particular reason why we wouldn't want to write a plugin
talking to OpenSSL instead? I mean, I wouldn't dream of discouraging a
courageous fellow from implementing SSL, but OpenSSL's been around for
quite some time, and has been hammered on a great deal - we can be
reasonably certain that it's pretty secure. (OK, I'll take off my
Security Hat now.)

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