What is wrong with this? (Beginner question)

Steve McCusker stevemccusker at pobox.com
Wed May 25 10:27:09 UTC 2005

I haven't looked at the Random code in Squeak (or anything else) recently -
stuck in C# for my sins. But it occurs to me that you are perhaps
initialising each random number generator with the same seed, and thus
getting the same sequence of pseudo-random numbers.



> Subject: What is wrong with this? (Beginner question)
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> In the course of implementing a Self-organising feature map (SOM) I needed
> to initialise the weight vecorts of each of nodes in the map with random
> numbers. I wrote the method randomWeights below for the class Som
> ArrayedCollection variableSubclass: #Som
> 	instanceVariableNames: 'width height'
> 	classVariableNames: ''
> 	poolDictionaries: ''
> 	category: 'NeuralNets'
> randomWeights
> 	"initialise the weights of the neurones to random vectors"
> 	"JS 5/24/2005 23:14 Caution: all rendome vectors are the same. Why?"
> 	|randomGenerator |
> 	randomGenerator _ Random new.
> 	self do: [ :each |  1 to: each size do:
> 		[:index | each at: index put: randomGenerator next]].

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