[ANN] Squeak 3.8 (really) final

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Wed May 25 18:29:28 UTC 2005

Hi mike

Where are the projects with the worlds?
I wrote a gentle introduction for Smalltalk mainly for that and where  
are the other
world? My projects are available on squeakmap.
I think that this is important that we keep them.


> http://box1.squeakfoundation.org/files/3.8/
> The following sites should provide pointers to the download soon
> ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/Smalltalk/Squeak/3.8/
> or the mirror in Magdeburg
> ftp://ftp.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/pub/Smalltalk/Smalltalk/Squeak/3.8/
> http://squeak.org (Official web site)
> http://box1.squeakfoundation.org:7777/ (beta of new web site)
> Squeak 3.8 is the first release that will continue to be maintained so
> watch for more updates/fixes coming. ENH and larger changes will be
> going into 3.9alpha.
> This image comes with several packages pre-installed, like "Compiler",
> "PackageInfo" and "SUnit" etc. These packages are most likely  
> available
> in newer versions when you unpack this image.
> You can easily upgrade these packages using the Package Loader with  
> the
> menu choice "Upgrade all installed packages". To do this properly you
> need to answer "yes" when the Package Loader asks for your  
> confirmation
> to install the package "Monticello" first.
> Monticello is the premier source code management tool in the Squeak
> community and it is already the de facto standard, so there is no harm
> in installing it.  :)
> Do not forget to save your updated image.
> Here's a summary of the major new features in 3.8, copied from the
> "What's New" section in the Welcome Window:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>      * The most significant change is the m17n (multilingualization)
> support, UTF-x, multi byte strings etc by Yoshiki Ohshima
>     * New translation framework with external translation files by  
> Michael Rueger (based on Babel by Diego Gomez Deck)
>     * String refactoring by Andreas Raab
>     * Support for complex numbers (see class Complex) by Matej Kosik.
>     * A new and improved progress bar from Alexander Lazarevic.
>     * An added button to the debug notifier window called 'create'  
> which simplifies programming "on the fly" by Ned Konz.
>     * Support for PNM images.
>     * Better inspectors including a specialized one for Sets from  
> Peter Keeler and Andrew Black
>     * PointerExplorer which is a new way to track parent objects  
> from Avi Bryant.
>     * Automatic user input to be able to script confirmation  
> dialogs etc from John Pierce.
>     * Conditional halts using #haltIf: from Marcus Denker
>     * A new primitive call controller for disabling/enabling  
> plugins by Stefan Rudlof.
>     * A reimplementation of Allan Schiffman's timeout mechanism when
> evaluating blocks by Brent Pinkney.
>     * Simple benchmarking using BlockContext>>bench from Chris Muller.
>     * Simple tracing using Object>>dpsTrace: from Trygve Reenskaug.
>     * Latest updates from the SqueakLand/Etoys world.
>     * The usual numerous small enhancements and fixes.
> Michael

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