Linux High Util issues.

Gerard Korsten gerard at
Wed May 25 19:43:42 UTC 2005

On Wed, 25 May 2005 12:28:20 -0700, Tim Rowledge <tim at> wrote:

> "Gerard Korsten" <gerard at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm currently running the VM: Squeak3.6 of '6 October 2003' [latest
>> update: #5429],
>> , with any of the images  (3.6, 3.7 and 3.8) and I'm having some issues
>> with High Utilization on a Gentoo Linux box
> I've no idea what 'High Utilization' might be but the basic problem you  
> face
> here is polling. MVC controllers whizz round in a tight loop looking for
> something to do. Thus the VM code to check for any new events gets  
> exercised
> very, very frequently. On my 600MHz RISC OS box it can get up to 50,000  
> polls
> per second without some sort of throttling code in place. A 3.6 vm is
> relatively old so you might find a more recent one has some sort of  
> throttling
> on the event checking. Or not.
> A secondary issue is that Squeak _always_ has something to do even when  
> there
> are no new events from the OS. Background processes, animation (usually  
> in
> morphic anyway), timer signal checking, reporting your web browsing  
> activity to
> the FBI, all that stuff. We do actually have a relinquish processor prim
> available that I think is called in the default background process but  
> the
> details of the implementation are completely platform dependent.
> tim
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> Tim Rowledge, tim at,
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Oh, sorry forgot to add this: High Utilization := 96%+ of cpu used  
I'll see what happens if I install VM 3.7b for linux(unix) - perhaps it  
will fix
the issue.


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