New team leader for website Team? ASAP

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Thu May 26 07:25:23 UTC 2005

Hi folks!

Stephane Ducasse has expressed a desire to step down as team leader for
the website Team, but he will still be active in the Team. As the
assigned coordinator of that Team I now would like to find someone else
willing to step up to the plate and take over.

AFAIK the Team has a good base site in place running in Smallwiki and
what is left is mainly to produce content and "get it out". I intend to
be active in this part too - I have texts I have been working on that I
want to contribute and we also now have the 3.8 released so the timing
is good to get the website up and running.

Of course, the current members of the website Team (the doers) have a...
"priority" if any of you would like to take the leadership. But I am
posting to squeak-dev too. In my opinion the most important thing is
that the new leader have some near term time to spend so that we get
this UP.

regards, Göran 

PS. Report 3 is brewing, coming later today I think so that we all know
where we are and where we aren't. ;)

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