3.8 and french (and locales)

Michael Rueger michael at impara.de
Thu May 26 07:31:18 UTC 2005

stéphane ducasse wrote:
> I think that this is not a good solution. We cannot afford complex  
> solution with the number of people actually doing something. We have  to 
> have a process to remove local and propose distribution with all  the 
> languages or shrink version with only english.

I will build a new image with French included.

We should also upload the existing translation files to the usual places 
and link them from squeak.org/the swiki etc so people know where to 
look. Is there already a swiki page describing the lanugage editor and 
translation in general?

Below is also a spec for a locale plugin that has already been commented 
and agreed upon (offline) by the VM maintainers a looong time ago and 
since then I've been waiting for Godot to actually implement it...



- primLanguage
returns string with language tag according to ISO 639


See also

- primCountry
returns string with country (sub)tag according to ISO 639

ISO 3166

- primVMOffsetToUTC
returns the offset between the VM and UTC. If the VM does not support 
UTC times, this is 0. Also gives us backward compatibility with old VMs 
as the primitive will fail and we then can return 0.

- primTimezone
returns UTC offset float (some timezones have 30 min offsets)

- primDST (daylight saving time)
returns boolean if DST is active or not

- primDecimalSymbol
returns string with e.g. '.' or ','

- primDigitGrouping
returns string with e.g. '.' or ',' (thousands etc)

- primTimeTormat
returns string time format
Format is made up of
h hour (h 12, H 24), m minute, s seconds, x (am/pm String)
double symbol is null padded, single not padded (h=6, hh=06)

- primLongDateFormat
returns the long date format
d day, m month, y year,
double symbol is null padded, single not padded (m=6, mm=06)
dddd weekday
mmmm month name

- primShortDateFormat
returns the short date format
same rules as above

- primCurrencySymbol
returns string with currency symbol

- primCurrencyNotation
returns boolean if symbol is pre- or post-fix

- primMeasurement
returns string denoting metric or imperial.

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