Yet Another SBC

Tim Rowledge tim at
Thu May 26 17:15:43 UTC 2005

The Nokia770 is what we're talking about here. Linux, 800*480 16bpp screen,
64Mb ram, 128Mb flash (about half used by system)
A longish list of ordinary boring app provided. Usual file formats supported
(mp3, mpeg1, jpeg, all that), 802.11b/g (good for the g), bluetooth, usb.
Weighs about 8oz, about 6x3.0.75" Sort of a very cute sideways palm.

The CPU is apparently the TI version of the ARM9 @ 220MHz. That will be roughly
the same performance as my older RPCs (less cpu by a tiny fraction, better
memory access) so Squeak would be ok but not great in Morphic performance. 64Mb
of ram would be a bit tight with linux and x11 and gnome running all at once.

Strip the pointless unix junk out of it and put a real OS in instead and it
could be a very nice portable exobox device. Just 5 years too late....

Tim Rowledge, tim at,
"Bollocks," said Pooh being more forthright than usual

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