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Tim Rowledge tim at
Thu May 26 18:51:07 UTC 2005

Brent Vukmer <brent.vukmer at> wrote:

> > We made a valiant attempt to tackle this at Interval for the WebPad by
> > an OS that let Squeak handle realtime events and processor scheduling all
> > way down. Killed by billg.
> > 
> Dammit.  How far did you guys get with this?
Quite a long way. We had a working piece of handheld hardware that we showed at
OOPSLA 99(?) which scheduled all tasks via Squeak. This included all the
machine code written tasks for networky stuff etc. It also had a Slang to
object-code translator that was on the way to being able to generate prims on
the fly (for device drivers etc). 

> How did Squeak do at
> handling realtime events & processor schedules?
Quite well. It certainly wasn't finished in any production sense but it ran a
really rather big test suite without problems. The realtime requirements were
'moderately hard' rather than 'very hard' but it could manage many thousands of
interrupts per second IIRC.

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