[ANN] wxSqueak 0.4

Rob Gayvert rtg at rochester.rr.com
Fri May 27 13:17:29 UTC 2005

Avi Bryant wrote:

>Really, really great work.  A couple of minor notes after trying it out on OS X:
>- if you try to run it directly off the disk image, it hangs at
>startup.  Presumably it needs to have write access to the file system;
>this might be something to mention in the readme.  Also, unless I'm
>missing some Finder trick, it would be convenient if the .dmg had all
>of the files within a wxSqueak folder rather than at the disk root.
>- the "Squeak Tools" demo would work a lot better if UseWxTools was
>set to true by default
>- did I mention this was great work?
Thanks, Avi.  I obviously didn't test the .dmg distribution beyond "hey, 
the files are all there!".  It looks
like it's unhappy if it can't get write access to the changes file. I 
should bundle this as a package instead
of a dmg to make it cleaner.

You're right about the tools demo. I should add a checkbox there to 
set/unset UseWxTools, so that
you can see more than just the browser. I didn't make any changes to the 
tools for this release; for the
next release, I plan to rework the tools to fit into the ToolBuilder 

.. Rob

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