New Platforms and applications

Michael Rueger michael at
Fri May 27 13:21:31 UTC 2005

astares at wrote:
> Hi,
> Found this today: 
> Chris Adams is lamenting about Java, "Run everywhere" and new
> platforms and applications.

Well, I guess the following is basically true about Squeak as well, just 
replace "J2SE" with "Squeak":

> To channel Daniel's blog a little bit: how can it be that Apple can
> get the computer press (yes, us included) to practically wet
> themselves over a collection of calendars, stickies, stock charts and
> other mini-apps? Where is the J2SE community, which could do the same
> thing on a potentially infinite number of devices? Sadly, it seems
> we're all more interested in a pointless, self-destructive holy war
> over IDE's than in shipping anything anyone would ever use.


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