[BUG] Class Category reorganization

Karsten Wolf karstenwo at web.de
Fri May 27 17:43:50 UTC 2005

Am 27.05.2005 um 18:59 schrieb Joshua Gargus:

> I just reported this on Mantis, but wonder if anyone has a quick fix 
> (I don't know the Browser code too well).  The text displayed for 
> class category reorganization is truncated if it is too long (> 50000 
> characters).

A quick hack for me was to create a preference called 
unlimitedPrintString (I don't remember if there's more needed to 
correctly create a preference) and changing the Method


printStringLimitedTo: limit
	"Answer a String whose characters are a description of the receiver.
	If you want to print without a character limit, use fullPrintString."
	| limitedString |
	(Preferences valueOfFlag: #unlimitedPrintString)
			limitedString _ String streamContents: [:s | self printOn: s].
			^ limitedString
			limitedString _ String streamContents: [:s | self printOn: s] 
limitedTo: limit.
			limitedString size < limit ifTrue: [^ limitedString].
			^ limitedString , '...etc...'

Hhm, found this in Preferences class:

Preferences class>>unlimitedPrintString

	^ self
		valueOfFlag: #unlimitedPrintString
		ifAbsent: [false]

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