Squeak and OS-X Dashboard

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri May 27 23:04:57 UTC 2005

Demand for Dashboard widgets has been high, so I've been fiddling. Thus
find on my idisk, a Squeak dashboard widget.



You must have installed the SqueakLand image/vm & browser plugin via

Then grab the widget.

For now it's more proof concept and opens up at 500x500 using the  
Right click on bottom right to resize within the 500x500 area.
For some reason resizing bigger is noticed by Squeak but the  
redrawing at say 600x600 is wrong, the port does not get bigger than  

Things to do:
a) Figure out how to change the squeakland template used by storing  
preferences, var worldString = widget.preferenceForKey("worldString");?
b) Can we resize bigger than 500x500 without having to start with a  
500x500 Default.png.
c) The Default.png and Icon.png are quick choices, someone who sends  
me mail and examples could lobby for changes.
d) Interesting enough each invocation of the widget starts another  
Squeak VM Process so you can have multiple independent VM running,  
they all share the same read-only space, and can write to the My  
Projects folder, not sure what the implications of doing this are,  
but it seems ok.
e) Provide the reverse view.
f) Wonder and fix the issue with dragging the widget, versus drag and  
drop of squeak morphic objects....

also see

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