Whisker Browser (or not)

Dominique Dutoit dominiqued at versateladsl.be
Sat May 28 16:35:29 UTC 2005

> I find the fonts in the Whisker Browser a tad to small, I would like
> them to follow the preferences/sourcecode/font/size, but it does not.

Whisker uses appearance/system fonts/default text font as its default  
font. No idea where to make the change for using source code font.

> I find myself in flux between the Refactoring- and Whisker Browser.  
> What do you say?

Whisker has some shortcomings, e.g.:
- no way to create a new class or class category with it
- becomes buggy if a class is modified outside whisker (painful when  
editing methods inside the debugger and going back to whisker)
- restoring a previous version doesn't always work

But I really like to work with it when editing a large set of methods  
at once or when exploring the inner work of a package.

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