Whisker Browser (or not)

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Sat May 28 20:21:31 UTC 2005

On May 28, 2005, at 12:35 PM, Dominique Dutoit wrote:

>> I find the fonts in the Whisker Browser a tad to small, I would like
>> them to follow the preferences/sourcecode/font/size, but it does not.
> Whisker uses appearance/system fonts/default text font as its default 
> font. No idea where to make the change for using source code font.

Fixed.  (As of a few minutes ago.)  See Whisker version 1.1alpha on 

It now uses the Code Font from Preferences for the method panes.  (I 
think Whisker pre-dated the existence of the special "code font".)

>> I find myself in flux between the Refactoring- and Whisker Browser. 
>> What do you say?
> Whisker has some shortcomings, e.g.:
> - no way to create a new class or class category with it
> - becomes buggy if a class is modified outside whisker (painful when 
> editing methods inside the debugger and going back to whisker)

Yeah, these are known issues.  Getting Whisker to automatically update 
itself (like the regular Browsers do) upon outside code changes is a 
bit trickier than with a regular browser, since you have a bunch of 
hierarchies to traverse through, you might have to deselect window 
panes, etc.  Actually, it's doable, but last I tried it there were some 
performance issues, mostly due to problems in HierarchicalListMorph 
which need to be cleaned up.

> - restoring a previous version doesn't always work

Hmm, that should be working...

> But I really like to work with it when editing a large set of methods 
> at once or when exploring the inner work of a package.

Me too. ;)

- Doug

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