Games with Scrolling and Resizing [GOODIE] ResizingGrid

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Sat May 28 21:59:21 UTC 2005

from preamble:

"Change Set:		ResizingGrid
Date:			28 May 2005
Author:			Ross Boylan

Make a TwoWayScrollPane in which the material inside the TransformMorph
will still be resized to fit vertically into the outer window.

The goal was to do a TableLayout inside the transform so that no
vertical scrolling was necessary.

The following code initializes a subclass of SystemWindow to contain the
such a ScrollPane.
	myPane _ RBTwoWayScrollPane new.
	myPane layoutPolicy: RBScrollLayout new.
	myPane scroller layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
		 listDirection: #topToBottom;
		 wrapDirection: #leftToRight;
		 vResizing: #spaceFill;
		 color: Color transparent.
		addMorph: myPane
		frame: (0 @ 0 corner: 1 @ 1)
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