[BUG][FIX] SystemNavigation broken

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Mon May 30 08:25:00 UTC 2005

Am 30.05.2005 um 02:57 schrieb Andreas Raab:

> Maybe you guys should fix your Email clients ;-) The CS was sent as  
> attachment but

Actually, it had "Content-Disposition: inline" rather than "Content- 
Disposition: attachment". Which causes a proper client to treat that  
part as inline, unsurprisingly, rather than as attachment.

> let's see if compressing it helps.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
> <SysNavFix-ar.cs.gz>

Yes, helps. Seems like Thunderbird is trying to be "helpful" with  
plain-text attachments.

- Bert -

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