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Alejandro F. Reimondo aleReimondo at
Tue May 31 06:36:13 UTC 2005

>  There is a thing in the Java world, which I am certain some of you
> have encountered, it can be found at Its
> just a crude lookup mechanism, using simple keywords to identify
 > example-code-segments.

Java, as a language, force you to value code (the only thing you
 can produce using a language, an object ORIENTED language).

Smalltalk is an open system, and let you build systems where evolution
 can be observed (not predicted). Evolution of a system is evidenced
 from the emergence of objects.
The product of working on smalltalk are objects, and they are
 present in a container called "the smalltalk image".
Smalltalk is NOT the container, nor the syntax (the smalltalk language), nor
the underlaying architecture (the smalltalk VM).
Smalltalk is an open system where you can find the objects
 built by others and the objects of your future.

To find the objects of the others please look inside the image (live
 there and you can touch/change them instantly).
To find the objects of your future, stay with us and share.
Relax and let it be. Do not try to consume objects of others.


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