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Tue May 31 12:10:48 UTC 2005

Hi Pierce 
thank you for your answer

unfortunatly, this utility is supposed to  be runned on customer's computers and I cannot assume that they have the dot net framework - in fact i'm sure that they do not and I don't want to install it before running my tool. 
I really would like to do it with FFI.

but as I said, I really appreciate that you answered
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  Hi Alain,

  If you already have the .NET 1.1 framework installed on your computer then you can download the Squeak.NET bridge (available on SqueakMap) and at such time you know have access to over 3800 base class items exposed in the .NET framework by Microsoft. Of course, there are registry classes in the Microsoft.Win32 namespace. Here's some sample code:

  localMachine := DotNet Registry LocalMachine.
  software := localMachine openSubKey: 'Software'.
  software subKeyCount -> 75



  On 5/31/05, alr <alr.dev at free.fr> wrote:
    I would like to write a small utility program for my job and i need to read
    the windows registry.
    I saw that Ned started a small changeset (Win32Registry-nk.cs attached) in
    2002 but there was still a problem with it (could not coerce arguments 
    exception). I do not know ffi enough and do not see exactly what the problem

    Did someone read the windows registry with squeak ? and How ?

    Your help would be very appreciated


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