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Chris Schreiner chris.schreiner at
Tue May 31 18:36:51 UTC 2005

Milan Zimmermann wrote:

>On May 31, 2005 06:05 am, Chris Schreiner wrote:
>>There is a thing in the Java world, which I am certain some of you have
>>encountered, it can be found at".
>>Its just a crude lookup mechanism, using simple keywords to identify
>What I (personally) value on the Java Almanach is not so much the "API 
>reference" but rather the growing set of simple "how-to" code examples, 
>divided by packages which are a decent equivalent to function. Even doing 
>Java for a long time I find myself using Java Almanach examples sometimes, if 
>I need code from an area I did not do before. 
...or even did do before, the capacity of my brain is not infinite, and 
programming helps me reminding my ego of this fact.

>I was actually thinking to start an equivalent (Squeak Almanach if you will) 
>as means of learning Smalltalk/Squeak, but realized this is way bigger than 
>the few hours a week I seem to gather max. Perhaps it would be an interesting 
>collaborative effort, if more people would find it useful, there are many 
>examples on the Squeak wiki that could serve as a start.
This is interesting. It would be nice to have a Squeak section, with 
naive examples. I know that code is out there, for me to file in and 
study, but doing this becomes an information overload, and I end up 
playing chess instead. Well, patience I guess ;-)

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