here is a plan!

Juan Vuletich jmvsqueak at
Wed Nov 1 03:05:59 UTC 2006

Hi Jecel,

I apologize for breaking the thread, but I'm having problems with my 
mail provider and I can't answer to your mail.

> Ok, so this is a rather different project than what I was hoping for.
> Some of the problems you mention could be attacked by refactoring and
> using Traits but this would imply a lot of changes just to have
> essentially what we have now.

I agree.

> So I would like to ask about the plan proposed by Klaus (replacing
> Morphic 2.0 with an eToyless Morphic 3.0) what is the level of
> compatibility that we would have? Would I be able to grab some old
> project from SqueakMap and have it work or would stuff like Celeste, IRC
> and others have to be updated?

The "plan proposed by Klaus" seems to be what I'm doing, and you can 
download from .
I will not guarantee back compatibility. Anyway, I'm not redoing 
PluggableMorphs. And if I do it sometime, I guess that could be back 
compatible. After all, the old applications (browser, etc) work the same 
with PluggableViews in MVC as with PluggableMorphs. That suggests that 
compatibility with that programming model could be kept. Of course, 
other morphs most likely will not work.

Juan Vuletich

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