Binding support for ScriptManager available

Torsten Bergmann astares at
Wed Nov 1 12:40:33 UTC 2006


thanks to Keith Hodges ScriptManager now also comes with binding
support. The lates version is available at:

It is automatically included into the dev-image building process so
it will be available in the next prepared dev-image. 

But you can also build a fresh dev-image by yourself:

   - open a new Squeak3.9g-7061
   - open the Monticello Browser and 
     add "" as a new HTTP 
   - Load the latest "ImageForDevelopers-dc.43.mcz" from there
     and follow the instructions in the workspace

Thanks for the changes, Keith and keep on talking small


Keith Hodges wrote
> Torsten,
> I have messed with ScriptManager in order that scripts support 
> undeclared variables in order to reflect the behaviour of workspaces.
> Are you the person to pass this code to in order to feed it back into 
> the developer image?
> Keith

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