Ownership of The Squeak Kernel and Brand

Laurence Rozier laurence.rozier at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 12:17:28 UTC 2006


I think this is an important topic to discuss regardless of what position
one takes. Not discussing it isn't likely to make the issues go away or get
handled in a manner agreeable to most. Even when there is a unified kernel
that projects like Croquet, Sophie, Seaside, OLPC et al can chooose to build
off of, it will still be possible to have variations. While one can choose
to make a case that there need not be a single kernel, that doesn't address
the brand issue. What will "Squeak kernel" mean if the one downloaded from
squeak.org isn't the same as the one downloaded from squeakland.org? Which
"Squeak kernel" will Croquet, Sophie et al build from?

The way I see it, in the more organic, "live" econet Spoon will enable,
there's no need to have a single kernel - objects can modify behavior in
whatever ways their creators see fit to allow. However, I think it would be
much better for all if there is only one kernel with the word "squeak" in
because people(that is who all of this is for after all) prefer reasonably
unambiguous terminology. There are lots of ways to work this out in my view,
but they all require dialog amongst the key stakeholders. That need not take
place here, but I'm hoping(and requesting in the case of the Squeak Board
which I voted for) that the stakeholders provide some public feedback as to
whether they are willing to discuss it offline. Thoughts and comments
welcome, on or offlist.


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