Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

Juan Vuletich juan at
Thu Nov 2 22:03:31 UTC 2006

Hi Lex,

Lex Spoon escribió:
> Juan Vuletich <jvuletich at> writes:
>> To me eToys what you can find in the eToys package. That's why I put
>> it there!
>> Going thru Lex's list. (Lex, I didn't answer to your post because I
>> think the list should be built by the community, and I didn't want to
>> sound authoritative on this!)
>> - Tile based programming system. Yes. The central part of eToys.
>> - Halos. No. Halos are key to Morphic.
>> - Named morph search. No. I'd put this in 'MorphicExtras'.
>> - Uniclasses. Yes. They were implemented in Squeak to support
>> eToys. And they are not Smalltalky to me. However, 'make own subclass'
>> is not eTtoys, and distinct from uniclasses to me.
>> - SmartRefStream and ImageSegments. No! Why would they?
>> - Projects and saving projects. No.
>> - Paint tool. No.
>> - Flaps. No.
> You propose to keep almost everything that makes Morphic complicated.
> Basically, you propose removing the tile-based programming; I'll
> ignore the uniclasses proposal for now because it is a small amount of
> code.
You got me wrong. That is not what I propose to remove or keep. I was 
asked 'what is eToys?'. That was my answer to that question. This list 
is useful to open the debate on what to remove and what to keep. But I 
didn't say my opinion in that debate. I'd glad to remove whatever the 
community agrees on. If you really want to know what I think, check .
> ...
> Further, I see nothing that is so hard about making the tile-based
> programming unloadable and reloadable.  It is just like any other
> partitioning project.  Make a tile-based-programming project on
> Squeaksource, start recategorizing methods and classes, and go from
> there.  If someone cannot do this much, can they really do a major
> Morphic cleanup?

If you check 
you'll see what can I really do. Really. I did it. It is there. Download 
it and take a look! A look at the scripts can also give you an idea of 
how hard would it be to make it reloadable.

Juan Vuletich

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