2nd call: The Squeak Collection of Outstanding Remarkable Values

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at cobss.com
Fri Nov 3 07:36:45 UTC 2006

This is what we've got so far:


Please help adding to this collection, thank you.


Hi folks,

I think that I'm going to build the Squeak Collection of Outstanding  
Remarkable Values. Therefore I have to tap the collective memory of the  
Squeakers (->YOU!)

Take the following true positive examples which I hope do illustrate what  
I want to collect (further down below it has some false positive examples  
that I don't want to collect, just let them coexist please).

Of course as soon as some momentum is gathered there be a web page which  
all the google users can make their start page.

Do you happen to know a knowledgeable factum? If so, please post. Was such  
a collection already set up? If so, please post. Even if you have just  
some meager keywords: I want to know them, please post. I will do all the  
hard research work and find out the background and the related (if google  

Thank you in advance, please post even your craziest idea!



All platforms same image; unmatched interoperability.
- http://www.squeak.org/Download

Double dispatching; invented by the Smalltalk inventors.
- http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=28732

Continuations; out of reach for majority of Smalltalk's competitors.
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuation

Seaside; nothing without continuations.
- http://www.u3engage.org/public/thesis/ContinuationsModel.php
- http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-cb03216/


Smalltalk is better than Java.

Everything is possible with Smalltalk.

Squeak is an ...
- http://www.squeak.org/About/

Smalltalk, the language, is:
- http://www.squeak.org/Features/

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