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Fantastic work!

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>Subject: News Report for October, 2006
>Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 23:30:17 +0100
>The purpose of the News team is to publish news regarding Squeak
>development and use. It aims to provide a service to the Squeak
>community, highlighting anything which the Squeak users may find
>interesting in The Weekly Squeak newszine. It will also try to promote
>Squeak outside its own community, by submitting articles and news items
>to mainstream websites such as Slashdot and OSNews.
>October has been the first month during which we were fully operational.
>The Weekly Squeak blog ( ) is now
>getting more than 400 views per day, with a peak of slightly more than
>The RSS2 feed gets ~50 reads per day.
>The increase in viewers is due to the greater number of articles posted
>to the blog, and to the fact that a couple of articles have appeared on
> . Also, we're starting getting referrals from sites such as
> and, that have a greater
>Michael Haupt has joined the News team after a call for help on the
>beginners mailing list. Michael is responsible for the weekly summaries
>that get sent to the lists every monday.
> now redirects to the blog.
>Most important open issues:
>1. We still can't manage to get at least one post per day. But we're
>2. There's some stuff (post editing/deletion after publication, comment
>moderation) for which we should define some policies.
>The actions scheduled for October were:
>1. Try to add one or two posts to the blog everyday. 50% completed.
>2. Resume production of weekly summaries to be sent to the mailing
>list(s). 100% completed.
>3. Try to find some more contributors, and start tracking more mailing
>lists. 100% completed.
>Actions scheduled for November:
>1. Post at least one item per day.
>2. Add more mailing list (Squeakland and Croquet maybe?)
>3. Improve integration with the main site.
>Long term actions:
>1. start producing articles to be sent to mainstream news sites.
>2. move the blog to maybe?
>3. Guest bloggers?
>The News team has a mailing list (news at,
>subscribe at
> ).
>Everyone can subscribe to the list, even if just for lurking, but new
>team members are always welcome ;)
>	Giovanni

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