second call for release team volunteers

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Sat Nov 4 14:06:36 UTC 2006

Am 04.11.2006 um 10:16 schrieb Edgar J. De Cleene:

> Craig Latta puso en su mail :
>> Hi all--
>>      I made a call for release team volunteers on 2006-10-06. So far
>> there have been... zero volunteers. :)  If you've held off  
>> volunteering
>> because you were wondering who else might volunteer, please just
>> volunteer. :)  The board decided at its 2006-11-01 meeting that the
>> timeout for release team volunteers after the first call will be two
>> months (some thought one month wasn't long enough). So, we intend to
>> decide who the release team is by the end of the 2006-12-06 board  
>> meeting.
>>      There seems to be a very real possibility that we will still  
>> have
>> no volunteers at that point. We decided that, if that happens, we  
>> will
>> cancel the 3.10 release and move on to 4.0. Apart from being merely
>> pragmatic, this might motivate a few people :).
>>      On behalf of the board, thanks!
> Well , I should repeat what I send before (and maybe was losted).
> Count me for work on improve Squeak , if you think I could help.
> Send any pertinent directives to my mail or remember if I should  
> join some
> list.

This wasn't a call about general contribution, but about people  
willing to work on the actual release - that is, preparing the next  
official image / packages / update stream / universe or whatever is  
needed. The details of how this happens should be proposed by the  
release team and approved by the board.

- Bert -

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