Pavel Krivanek squeak1 at continentalbrno.cz
Sat Nov 4 14:43:14 UTC 2006

Hi Stef,

my plan for removing eToys is:
1) take Squeak 3.9 7061 (RC versions have obsolete classes so they are
problematic for me)
2) update RestOfSqueak package for it
3) create full image using KernelImage and RoS, this image has Morphic
initialized directly form source codes so it doesn't contain as much
mess official image (but has the same sources)
4) remove packages like speech etc.
5) try to remove most of eToys as safely as possible
6) try to remove everything what can be quite easily packaged
including all test and SUnit
7) create RestOfSqueak package from this package again and create full
image from it again
8) continue with next cleanup and eToys removing
9) when this image will be clean, create final RoS, and create
differential package that will not include code that is in current
primitive packages for the KernelImage (network, MC...)
10) maybe create differential package that will load the rest of the
code of the current image

The mark HERE is the state where I'm now:
This version has no eToys but it's far from clean system and still
includes Flaps and many morphic extras. Because you load Morphic to
GUI-less image, there are no obsoleteClasses, only Undeclared
references in code.  I quess that I may finish state 8 during next
week or so.

This image will not include flaps, paint tool etc. I think that this
tools should be in the basic system but I want to create minimal
morphic system. This tools can be in packages.

The most important thing for me is the new MC version that can be used
for this special big packages.

-- Pavel

On 11/4/06, Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at univ-savoie.fr> wrote:
> Hi guys
> do you want that we try to get a good 3.10?
> we could build a group of people willing to make a clean 3.10
> image.
> Do you have some ideas of people that we could contact?
> Stef
> I already said what I wanted to build
> I think that Squeak 10/4 should not be compatible to free us but at
> the same time it should prepare the
> coming of new assets (sophie/tweak).
> Here are the main actions I would like to see happening:
>         - be able to load Tweak
>         - be able to load Sophie infrastructural elements (ressource
> location...)
>         => even substitute current Squeak ones with sophie ones (Rome renderer)
>         - curve/remove Etoy/projects (without having to reload them)
>         - remove nebraska and others/ remove packages early in the process
>         - new compile method format if available else klaus fix for source
> limits
>         - may be newcompiler if ready
>         - aggressive cleans in a lot of areas
>         - look at Pavel overrides problems
>         => ideally be able to use Pavel image as a basis for 10/4
>         - Use tool builder (looking at the tool plus) and change the current
> tools
>         (the ones that deserve migration)
>         - more tests
>         - may be using MC2 if ready
>         - better integration of AST and refactoring support
> So if you want to help there on a regular basis or on specific items
> please say it
> Stef

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