don't forget about #squeak!

Aaron Reichow revaaron at
Sun Nov 5 02:50:05 UTC 2006

Hey folks!

Just a little reminder about #squeak, the #squeak IRC channel over at  You can get to it using a regular IRC client, including
the one built into Squeak. Or, you can get to it using the newly created
page which contains a java irc applet:

There are a lot of old-timers who think of IRC just as chat, and therefore
automatically assume that it is nothing but a place where teenagers are
annoying. While we are often pretty informal and social in #squeak and it
often is a distraction from more productive Squeaking, we also have our
fair share of worthwhile discussions. We have a good group of regulars
(20-40 in channel at a time), and a mix of folks all along the spectrum
from total newbie to seasoned guru, including folks like Craig, Goran, Ken
Causey and many others.  There has been a fair share of serious
discussion, and a lot of project collaboration over the years.

This email is also to announce that I finally put up a page with a java
IRC applet.  I figured it might help lower the barrier for getting onto
the channel.  That said, for those who read this, come on via the java
applet and feel like becoming regulars, remember that there is an IRC
client for Squeak as well as many other IRC clients that are a world
better than this java applet. But, at least it's dead easy to use and
doesn't require you to install anything, which makes it great for new
users and when you're in a computer lab somewhere.

the url again, just in case you are too lazy to scroll back up:

(with many thanks to bmp!)

Check us out sometime!


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