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Aaron Reichow revaaron at bitquabit.com
Sun Nov 5 04:44:30 UTC 2006

No offense- I like Forth. But man, I congratulate these kids for being
able to produce something in it.  I remember trying to study Forth when I
was a 12 year old kid, I used to call up the local Twin Cities FIG
president. I'm sure I drove the poor man nuts!

Anywho... I'm sure that this is a neat language and all, but it just seems
pretty complicated.  Take this function, for example:

   sw 2/ 10 - 4 << 'ballx ! sh 2/ 10 - 4 << 'bally !
   $ff rand $1 and 0? ( drop -1 ) * 'balldx !
   rand $3ff and $1ff - 'balldy !
   pantalla msec 'lastime !
   0 ( drop update msec lastime - 1000 >? ) drop ;

I know I could make sense of it if I thought about it some, but it looks
about as easy to read as assembler to me. :P

Anyway, thanks for the link!


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On Sat, 4 Nov 2006, Francisco Garau wrote:

> Hi,
> Recently, a new open source Forth has been released the public domain. It is
> been used to teach children from poor areas, the fundamentals of
> programming. The system is tiny - the full distribution is a just 386kb zip
> file
>     http://www.geocities.com/redaforth/reda4pc.zip
> I was mostly impressed by the vector graphics editor that it includes (image
> attached). It is used by the kids to draw their cartoon characters, but also
> to define the fonts used by the system.
> Cheers,
> Francisco
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