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Mikael Kindborg mikael.kindborg at
Sun Nov 5 19:05:38 UTC 2006

Thanks! I also got the Swiki password from Giovanni.

There is now a page on the Swiki to put Game programming material:

Best, Micke

On 11/5/06, Bill Schwab <BSchwab at> wrote:
> Micke:
> Just a few random comments:
> Re the swiki, the user name and password are something like
> squeak/viewpoints; when I last checked, they exist to keep vandals out,
> not regular readers of this list.  A quick search should help if the
> preceding pair does not work.
> Croquet indeed appears to be the current direction for 3D in Squeak.
> Ideally, I would hope to see its retained mode (drawing objects instead
> of merely triangles) engine factored for use in Squeak.  It is possible
> that it won't matter, but I still think it would offer flexibility for
> both Croquet and Squeak.  I had some reasonably intense 3D graphics
> running in Wonderland under programmatic control with the camera
> controls suppressed, but a bug fix (IIRC for the class builder) more or
> less killed it.  With a steady population of objects, it runs quite
> well, but after the fix, creating new objects causes disruptive delays.
> That aside, the Alice description of objects is designed for end users,
> so I was constantly translating from jargon to layman's language to get
> it to work.  Alice is very powerful, just not quite in the way one might
> want.  Croquet's approach to 3D seemed to be much more direct.
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