Squeak periodic crash

squeakdev at reider.net squeakdev at reider.net
Wed Nov 8 03:25:09 UTC 2006

I am seeing Squeak crash (segment fault) every four and a half days.
(actually 4.586041667 days,  110.065 hours, or 396234 seconds, give or
take a few seconds).

Doesn't matter if the image is idling or busy (mostly SMTP and Web
serving).  This has been happening for many months, fully repeatable,
on 2 different machines. I've basically lived with it (and it's
somewhat dampening effect on my confidence in Squeak for mission
critical apps) because I haven't the slightest idea why it's
happening, but after my last build, it has gone from 4.58 days to only
1.74 days (albeit based on only one sample so far).

The image is 3.7 vintage, 24M given -memory 30M, recent vm (exact
versions or any other details of interest on request), running on
Debian on a XEN or UML virtual node. (I'm currently trying it on a
real box to see if virtualization could somehow be implicated).

I can't begin to fathom what event could possibly be happening in the
VM that would be tied to this particular time interval, or anything
special about the value itself.  (I imagine that GC is the code that's
running when it crashes). Any thoughts?

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