[ANN] stable package universe for 3.9

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Nov 10 20:07:00 UTC 2006

Hey, guys, what packages do you find useful in Squeak 3.9?  There is a
lot of software out there, but not all of it is usable in Squeak 3.9.
As 3.9 goes through its release process, it would be nice to snapshot
a list of the packages people find useful.

In order to accumulate this list, I have reset the default package
universe so that we can demand-page back in the packages that are
actually useful.  If you want a package on the list, either add it
yourself, email me, or reply on the newsgroup, as you like.

The current list includes:

   AST version 100
   AutomaticMethodCategorizer version 0.24
   Developer's Standard Packages version 0.3
   DynamicProtocols version 0.39
   KeyBinder version 2004.8.14
   MemoryUsage version 0.3
   NewCompiler version 117
   OmniBrowser version 0.279
   Refactoring Engine version 20
   RoelTyper version 0.44
   SUnitProgress version 0.2
   ScriptManager version 0.4
   Shout version 3.15-tween.65
   ShoutOmniBrowser version 0.3
   ShoutWorkspace version 0.1
   Techo-Base version 1
   TestBrowser version 120
   Tric-RefractoringBrowser version 7
   Tric-RefractoringBrowser version 7b
   Universes version 13
   YAXO version 9
   eCompletion version 0.83
   eCompletionOmniBrowser version 0.2

More info is at:

  "Stable 3.9 Universe"

Thoughts welcome!

Lex Spoon

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