And the winner in the Gjallar Ipod competition is...

goran at goran at
Mon Nov 13 19:11:37 UTC 2006

...Balázs Kósi! Congratulations! :)

Unfortunately the Ipod competition didn't really draw any outside
submissions - so if any of you non-Gjallar developers out there *had*
submitted *anything* useful you would have stood a good chance of
winning, just so you know... :)

Given the circumstances I and Magnus instead decided to give the prize
to Balácz, even though we consider him and his friend at OGYI in Hungary
to already be in the "Gjallar Team".

Balács (plus friend) has submitted two enhancements to Gjallar, one is a
Morphic console hooked up to an explorer for really nice console
management and the other is related to translation - an important aspect
of systems like these. They are also generally committed to Gjallar and
have had the patience to read up on how it works, kudos!

Of course it would have been fun to give an Ipod to every Gjallar
developer :), but the rest of you (including myself - I really would
like to get an Ipod too...) will just have to settle with a big THANK

regards, Göran & Magnus

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