[ANN] KernelImage for final Squeak 3.9 with MinimalMorphic package on SqueakSource

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Nov 13 20:47:33 UTC 2006

Pavel Krivanek puso en su mail :

> Simply modify methods loadMinimalMorphic and
> loadMinimalMorphicInitialization in the MinimalMorphicLoader class.

And tell you the image with ;
(FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'MinimalMorphicLoader-boot.6.st') fileIn.
MinimalMorphicLoader load
(using (FileStream readOnlyFileNamed:
'MinimalMorphicInitialization-pk.8.st') fileIn.
(FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'MinimalMorphic-pk.8.st') fileIn. into the

have 8.1 mb and 1322 classes

Undeclared a Dictionary(#class->nil )

No problems to go Morphic.

I now go for complete Monticello load with preamble/postcript, the bigger
ending image using Monticello needs longer study (and clues what I don't
have yet)


Like the new color scheme in pict ? What color should be a desktop? (I like
Forrest Green) :=)

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