Is it possible to customize fonts in Shout?

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Tue Nov 14 08:51:15 UTC 2006

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> Hi everyone.
>   I'm a complete beginner in Squeak (with previous experience in Java) and
> I'm trying to set up a convenient development environment. After one day of
> pain (errors, package installs over and over again etc) the thing seems to
> work, highlights code and completes methods. The only thing I could not fix
> till now is the font Shout uses to render strings - it is possible to do
> that? If so how?

yes, it is.
In general, Shout uses the system-wide "code" font (please ask if you don't know
how to change this).

In earlier versions of Shout (which includes the latest published version on
SqueakMap), the font for literal Strings (e.g. myString := 'this is a literal
String'.), was set to always be 'Accuny'. This caused problems, and in the
latest version of Shout, the single code font is used for everything.

So, if you have changed the code font, and are seeing Strings with a different
font from other things, then you are using the older version of Shout, and the
easiest way of fixing this is to upgrade Shout to the latest version (which I
still haven't published on SqueakMap, so you will need to get it from
SqueakSource). The file is Shout.3.15-tween.65.mcz, please ask again if you
can't find it, or don't know how to install it.

If you wish to override the code font for certain syntax elements, or to change
the bold/italic/underline/color attributes for those elements, then you can edit
the SHTextStylerST80 class method - #defaultStyleTable. (You will then need to
evaluate - SHTextStylerST80 initialize - and open a new browser before the
changes will take effect).

I hope that helps,

>   Thanks a lot! :)
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