[Q] Scrollable cursor with PostgresV2 / current Glorp version for Squeak

Franz Josef franzl at fjkonrad.de
Tue Nov 14 09:50:15 UTC 2006

I have questions in two areas. Because both are related to RDBMSs I've 
put them in one mail.

1) Scrollable cursors
I've fiddled with scrollable cursors using the current PostgresV2 libary 
for squeak. But I've found no code that implemented that feature. Is 
everybody always loading the whole result set or did I oversee 
something? Is there some high level code available that uses the cursor 
handling of PostgreSQL?

2) Current Glorp version of squeak
 From reading the Glorp mailing list I've saw the VW Glorp version is 
newer (somebody talked about loading a version 0.4.67) than the squeak 
version. Does somebody know what has changed since the version that was 
ported to squeak? Any major advantages added?
Btw, I've already asked the maintainer of the Glorp port (Radu) about 
the effort og doing a port and he told me, it would be about one week. 
Has anybody else experience with such a port?

Franz Josef Konrad

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