[ANN] Toothpick

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 12:19:22 UTC 2006

2006/11/14, goran at krampe.se <goran at krampe.se>:
> Hi!
> First a question - your post is in base64 encoding which my Celeste has
> real trouble with. At least it gets formatted like crap when viewing it
> and reply does not work at all. Perhaps I should try a new Celeste. Is
> this some kind of standard setting in your email client?

Hmm, GMail configured to use UTF-8. If you have any pointers, I'd be
happy to hear them.


> Secondly, you wrote:
> >
> There is a small package called syslog on SqueakSource [1] that does
> logging to syslog (via UDP).
> SyslogToothpick provides a Toothpick adapter.
> SyslogFFI uses the syslog system call via FFI (likely only works on my machine).
> SyslogFFIToothpick provides a Toothpick adapter for it.
> They are not really tested and likely contain bugs.
> Cool! I should take a look at that.
> regards, Göran
> PS. Added simple log rotation to Q2LogFile yesterday. :) Unless someone
> else does it I should repackage Q2Log as a separate logging package, it
> is small, neat and quite useful IMHO. Gotta sit down and compare it with
> Toothpick though.

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