Package universes

Lex Spoon lex at
Tue Nov 14 12:19:00 UTC 2006

"J J" <azreal1977 at> writes:
> I just got through reading the package universes stuff on the wiki and
> it looks very nice.  Why is this not used?  It would take a little
> time to set it up initially, but once it's done it seems like it would
> make everything easier.

The main requirement is some sort of editing staff to update the
entries.  Someone has to do the work of putting packages on the list
that work and, in principle, eventually taking off ones that do not
work any longer.

We can imagine various setups for the editing staff.  How it works now
is that anyone may edit, but the first person who edits a package name
comes to be the "maintainer" for that package entry.  Only the
maintainer may post later updates to that entry.  (I can reassign
maintainers whenever that becomes an issue.)

Ideally, the maintainer of a package also puts an entry in the main
Squeak universe of the day.  However, anyone can post entries, just
like on a wiki.  Info on how to do it is on the main Squeak wiki.


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