SVI + OmniBrowser + Shout

Steven Swerling sswerling at
Tue Nov 14 19:44:00 UTC 2006

Thanks to both of you for the bug report and the fix (not to mention the 
complement). I'll put up a new version in a week or so incorporating 
Andrew's fix (along w/ a couple of my own fixes).  I want to wait a bit 
because I made a change in a rather critical section of code, and I want 
to let it "steep" for a bit before releasing. In the meantime, if you 
are using shout+ob+svi, please file in Andrew's fix.

Andrew Tween wrote:
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> Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 2:18 AM
> Subject: SVI + OmniBrowser + Shout
>> So, first, I want to say a huge thank-you to Steven for getting SVI
>> running on Squeak 3.9. I loved SVI when it first came out back for
>> 3.7, and was very happy to discover that it runs again on modern
>> Squeaks.
> +1.
> SVI is a fine piece of work.
>> That said, I have been completely unable to get SVI + Shout +
>> OmniBrowser all working at the same time. I can do Shout + SVI, SVI +
>> OmniBrowser, and Shout + OmniBrowser, but that's it. Has anyone had
>> success getting all three to work together?
> I have got them working together, but needed to make a couple of modifications
> (attached).
> I installed the packages in this order...
>     Shout
>     ShoutOmniBrowser
>     SVI
>     SVIOmniBrowser
> Then filein the attached methods
> Then I had to evaluate ...
>     MorphicTextEditor default: PluggableSVIMorph
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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