[Q] Scrollable cursor with PostgresV2 / current Glorp version for Squeak

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Wed Nov 15 02:48:32 UTC 2006

Franz Josef wrote:
> That was what I've tried out. And I wanted to know if there is already 
> some code that hides all that low level stuff including error handling 
> etc and doing something like this:
> scrollCursor := connection executeAsScrollCursor: 'select * from t3'.
> srollCrursor bufferSize: 10.
> scrollCursor firstResultSet.
> scrollCursor nextResultSet.
> ... and so on...
> I hope my intention is clear now. And because I ideally don't want to 
> care about SQL I've asked about  the Glorp port :-)

It's clear. I've not seen any code that already does it.
In the message I linked to in the previous response,
the Glorp author says:

    "Glorp doesn't do anything in terms of actually declaring named
    cursors and issuing fetch statements."

 > Anyway the current PostgresV2 interface could be easily enhanced with 
 > scrollable cursors. If I will use PostgeSQL for persistency I would
 > try...

It would be a nice framework to have available. I'm not sure
it should be part of the postgres interface though, since it
ought to be useable with any RDB that supports cursors.

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