preference #menuTitleBorderWidth - MenuMorph bugfix

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at
Wed Nov 15 15:49:13 UTC 2006


I corrected method #addTitle:icon:updatingSelector:updateTarget: in
MenuMorph (deleted one line). 

Fix is attached. Could be this fix included in 3.9 final version?

Thanks! pf
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'From Squeak3.9 of 7 November 2006 [latest update: #7067] on 15 November 2006 at 4:43:06 pm'!
!MenuMorph methodsFor: 'construction' stamp: 'pf 11/15/2006 16:42'!
addTitle: aString icon: aForm updatingSelector: aSelector updateTarget: aTarget 
	"Add a title line at the top of this menu Make aString its initial  
	If aSelector is not nil, then periodically obtain fresh values for  
	contents by sending aSelector to aTarget.."
	| title titleContainer |
	title := AlignmentMorph newColumn.
	self setTitleParametersFor: title.
	aForm isNil
		ifTrue: [titleContainer := title]
		ifFalse: [| pair | 
			pair := AlignmentMorph newRow.
			pair color: Color transparent.
			pair hResizing: #shrinkWrap.
			pair layoutInset: 0.
			pair addMorphBack: aForm asMorph.
			titleContainer := AlignmentMorph newColumn.
			titleContainer color: Color transparent.
			titleContainer vResizing: #shrinkWrap.
			titleContainer wrapCentering: #center.
			titleContainer cellPositioning: #topCenter.
			titleContainer layoutInset: 0.
			pair addMorphBack: titleContainer.
			title addMorphBack: pair].
		ifNil: [""
			aString asString
				linesDo: [:line | titleContainer
						addMorphBack: (StringMorph contents: line font: Preferences standardMenuFont)]]
		ifNotNil: [| usm | 
			usm := UpdatingStringMorph on: aTarget selector: aSelector.
			usm font: Preferences standardMenuFont.
			usm useStringFormat.
			usm lock.
			titleContainer addMorphBack: usm].
	title setProperty: #titleString toValue: aString.
	self addMorphFront: title.
	title useSquareCorners.
	(self hasProperty: #needsTitlebarWidgets)
		ifTrue: [self addStayUpIcons]! !

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