People (time for some cleanup)

Ken Causey ken at
Wed Nov 15 21:25:24 UTC 2006

We now have 342 users registered at

of those 68 have never been certified by anyone and I suspect a large
number of those are invalid/non-Squeak community accounts.

I would like to call on everyone to go through the list of people paying
particular attention to those marked as Observer.  If you know the
person, and are reasonably certain they created the account, and if the
person has any real interest in Squeak at all, go ahead and assign them
at least Apprentice certification.  If you know the person but are
unsure whether they created the account, please check with them to be
sure before certifying them.

If you know them but know that their interest in Squeak was merely
fleeting, or they registered on the site not realizing that it had
anything to do with actual community status, please ask them whether
they are sure they need the account.  If so, at least request that they
add some real information about themselves so it makes it easier to tell
the real from the bogus accounts.  If not, please have them contact me
and I would be quite happy to remove their account.

Similarly I see that a few people have created more than one account.
Possibly because they forgot they had the account or because they forgot
the password to their original account.  Again if this fits you contact
me and we will discuss what to do.

Also, everyone should go through their own account information and make
sure it is accurate and reasonably up to date.

If you have forgotten your password, contact me.


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