virtual hosting service recommendation

goran at goran at
Thu Nov 16 08:06:52 UTC 2006


Brad Fuller <brad at> wrote:
> There was a post a month or so ago about a virtual hosting service that
> was recommended. I can't find that email. Does anyone have any
> recommendations?

I have been using for quite some time (, etc). It is very price competitive (they were first out to
use Xen and try to keep it as cheap as possible) and I have only had 2
outages - and one was due to their backbone supplier having net problems
and the other was a broken rack that they got a new one and brought back
up IIRC.

You get a virtual server, I use Debian on it but there are other OSes to
pick from. You can do more or less what you want except for IRC traffic
- it is blocked.

I am very satisfied. :)

regards, Göran

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