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Thu Nov 16 11:11:53 UTC 2006


"Cees de Groot" <cdegroot at> wrote:
> On 11/16/06, goran at <goran at> wrote:
> > I have been using for quite some time (,
> > etc). It is very price competitive (they were first out to
> > use Xen and try to keep it as cheap as possible) [...]
> Don't want to push Hetzner more than I already have been doing :-),
> but a 39 dollar 256Mram/12Gdisk/256Gxfer at unixshell versus a 29 euro
> 512Mram/40Gdisk/200Gxfer real box...It's only competitive if you can
> live with the entry-level 19 dollar box (which might be enough to host
> a simple squeak site, granted)...

I actually have a 50% upgraded "Plan 128" that I pay $20 for (upgraded
when they moved to Xen 3.0).

But I run 3 squeak instances + apache, email, ftp, bittorrent
tracker/seeder and probably a bunch more stuff. And I guess I could do
that with a regular 128 minus a squeak or two.

And $20 is about half of 29 euro. But I agree, for the higher level
Hetzner sounds very good - do they use english these days? :)

regards, Göran

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