Mondrian visualization of a Tweak ScriptEventTracer

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Fri Nov 17 13:17:21 UTC 2006

Hello Jens,

JL> For debugging Script Events I made a visualization of a 
JL> ScriptEventTracer using the Squeak port of Mondrian.

I was very impressed with Tudor's demo of Mondrian on the last Berne
Smalltalk day. Wanted to try the squeak port and found out that the
original examples don't work due to changes of the interface in

Did you manage to find some documentation about the differences
between the VW implementation and the Squeak port?

If so, I'd be grateful for a pointer.

JL> The Monticello package is Tweak-MondrianEventTracer
JL> at

If not, next time I give Mondrian a try, I hope I can dig up some
exampled from there.

JL> Thanks to the creators of Mondrian, it is a really cool tool :-)

Definitely, I see it as a data-mining tool, among its other uses.


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