OO Database question with FLASH drive

Sebastián Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com.ar
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Perhaps, but that opinion could be partialist if you dont evaluate that there are also a
mention to other problems. Google a little and you will find out other approaches. Just to
illustrate I've lost data myself just after entering in an airplane in a travel with a
device like those completely umpowered. After that unhappy fact I've heared that static
can make crazy things in this devices and some devices relying in those technologies where
being discontinued. To feel the fact: who can categorically deny it and sign a contract
compromising it's own house saying that the technology is reliable and fact like that was
not because of the airport electromagnetic interference nor the static in the airplane?
I'm pretty sure that nor the vendors nor the manufacturers will do a crazy thing like

All I'm saying is that that techology is too young (unmature) to be reliable to store data
not to mention to be reliable to store an odb. We can just use the mature ones and wait
they do better until we can rely on it.

I'm also saying I don't want airplanes with components relying in such unreliable (by now)
tech ;-)


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> > Or read this:  
> > 
> http://reseller.co.nz/reseller.nsf/news/C3AFEC33918A8EE2CC2571EC00091A
> > 66
> That is one of the silliest things I've ever read, re: 
> fragmentation on a flash drive. Fragmentation is only a 
> problem when you have a physical read head that has to 
> traverse different areas of the media to read the data.
> When its just reading electronics, it shouldn't make an iota 
> of difference.
> Later,
> Jon
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